Unique handcrafted leather goods

I design and create a unique one-of-a-kind product, a full-size sports ball made of exotic leather derived from unused production scraps that would otherwise go wasted. 

Entirely handmade by the best craftsmen, certified, made in Italy and fully customizable.

I make the experience of a special memory and moment unique!


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Unique and precious

100% Made in Italy


The uniqueness of the product comes from the use of raw materials otherwise destined for destruction, therefore not always the same and not always available.

A product made entirely by hand and therefore always different, unique, one of a kind.

A totally customizable product. Starting from the materials available at the moment you order, you can make your own “emotion generator” for yourself or for those you love.

A gift and a keepsake, forever.



Make your item unique, let yourself be inspired by emotions


Each item is customizable in color, pattern, graphics, and logo. An experienced graphic designer will guide you in your choice, it all starts by being inspired by your idea, then ending in making something truly personal and unique in the world

Choose the color (according to the availability in that moment), design the graphics together with our team and finally imagine the finishing that best represents you! Do not put limits on your imagination…make your emotions immortal!



My name is Gianni Lotta, and I can clearly identify three great passions in my life: Family – Sports – Career. I am a leather expert with more than 20 years of experience in the raw materials and luxury industry.

72 Play the game is not just a brand but is the result of what this product represents on an emotional level. It encapsulates multiple meanings: a union between the spirit of those who created it and the competitive drive that the product conveys, an invitation to beauty, remembrance, and the emotional engagement that only sports can convey.  Getting to the heart of the origin, 72 is the number of positive values, spirituality, intuition, and vision. It also symbolizes wonder, awe, tolerance – all values that represent me – and finally, it is my year of birth (1972).  Play the game on the other hand has a more playful, fun meaning… play along, play your game… it represents the way of being, the philosophical part of my sporting spirit.  But now it’s your turn! Play the game!

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